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Xventure Gear Recovery Shovel System

Product Information

Price Range: $168.99 - $514.79

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Product Information

A trustworthy shovel is an essential part of any off-road adventure. The Xventure Gear "Three Amigos" shovel system features a patent-pending stackable design that allows you to carry three task-specific shovels where you used to have space for only one. The Three Amigos are made up of ”PEDRO”, "CHUNKY" and "SLOPPY". The lightweight construction reduces the weight added to the vehicle and corrosion-resistant materials ensure long use.
(Shovels are available separately or as a three-shovel kit that includes an XRS 4-CORE mount.)

Sold as a complete kit:
“Three Amigos” Three-Shovel System with Mount
• Includes three shovels: Pedro, Chunky and Sloppy
• Includes 4-CORE compatible shovel mount

Sold individually:
"Pedro" Spade Shovel
• Traditional spade shovel
• General use shovel for digging in hard and soft materials
"Chunky" Sharktooth Shovel
• Sharktooth/icebreaker shovel
• Great for digging through rocks, gravel or ice
"Sloppy" Perforated Shovel
• Perforated/sifter shovel
• Makes quick work moving mud, quicksand and sewage
XRS/SRM 4-CORE Three Amigos Mount
• Holds one, two or three Xventure Gear stackable shovels
• Stainless steel lockable compression latch
• Works with XRS, SRM and CEROS products