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SRM300 Rack Extenders

Product Information

Price Range: $124.94 - $124.94

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Product Information

SRM300 Center Rack Extender Leaf

The SRM300 Center Rack Extender Leaf can be inserted between the front and rear frame modules to increase the overall length of the SRM300 rack.

Each Rack Extender increases the length of the rack by twenty (20”) inches. One Rack Extender can increase a 40-inch long rack to 60 inches, while two Rack Extenders can increase it to 80 inches long. The overall width of all SRM300 sectionals is 40" wide.

Each SRM300 Center Rack Extender Leaf is sold individually (with mounting hardware) and comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty on materials and construction, and a 5-year warranty on the Textured Black Finish.