• Britt M. Britt M. Installed this rack on my Rebel and absolutely love it. The rack was easy to assemble and fit the truck perfectly. I love being about to remove the rack if I need to. This rack is an awesome option of the permanent rack options that require drill into the roof of the truck.
  • Alister M. Alister M. Just got these running boards to replace my old drop step style ones. These new ones are super sturdy and have big plates that mount to the rocker panel. You don’t sacrifice much ground clearance at all because they tuck in pretty close to the truck, but you still have ample room to step. The D6’s fit great and look great. They cost a good amount more than my previous set, but the overall quality and looks are far better. Would highly recommend.
  • Rudy L. Rudy L. Fits and looks great on my 2023 GMC Canyon! It’s sturdy and easy to install. It Arrived ahead of time and came well packed and no missing part!!
  • Matt S. Matt S. First purchase for my 2022 Tacoma Double Cab 4x4. These [V3] aluminum steps fit the bill perfectly. Lightweight, durable and they look great too! Tread on the rails matches the tread of BFG's. Absolutely no change in MPG's. Go Rhino has great products so don't hesitate to buy.
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. This 48" rack came installed on OEM crossbars by the dealer on my 2023 Subaru Crosstrek. It is a very sturdy, well-built rack that can hold just about whatever you want. The option to remove front/back fairings is a nice feature if you want to haul longer loads. I added the Go Rhino tie down clamps. Love it!
  • Michael M. Michael M. Best running boards ever!!!! Best quality you can find. The dirt and mud and snow wash away throughout the holes, making them always staying nice and protecting your truck from what ever the tires throw at it. Love these!!!!

  • Christopher R. Christopher R. These [RB20] boards look amazing - ordered the bed liner coating (looks so good) - very simple installation and love the small adjustments you can make to bring the step closer or further from the body (how you mount the brackets). Very happy with my purchase - thank you!
  • Milton D. Milton D. I ordered new Ford Ranger 2021 E-Boards Go Rhino delivered the boards in record time for a reasonable price compared to the competition, the quality and fit to my Ranger was perfect, easy to follow plans easy to install I had minor problems on my part for the door magnetic's and the Go Rhino staff helped me to resolve the problem in minutes...Awesome and job well done.
  • Alec A. Alec A. This weekend I got rear ended pretty hard. Your product handled this like a champ and saved me thousands of dollars. Sadly my hitch is done for but you won my appreciation for life.
  • Bill A. Bill A. I put the D6 steps on and installation was easy. It took about a hour and a half by myself and they look amazing and different from everybody else. That’s exactly the look I wanted!
  • Will P. Will P. Installed the 3296T and 32961T along with a Warn Vr Evo 12 onto my 2016 F150. Excellent product. Very pleased with the results. Product is listed for a 2018-2020 F150 but fit perfectly on my 2016. I did not purchase the headlight guards. I installed the center section only.
  • Rusty H. Rusty H. A solid rack & well built. Put it together by myself and took 4 1/2 hrs, with good instructions I could cut that time in half.
  • Julie A. Julie A. We installed these on our 2022 Colorado last night. We’re fortunate to have a buddy with a lift so we installed them in less than an hour. The bedliner finish looks great & they feel solid. I wanted running boards without a big gap so our dogs’ paws wouldn’t slip through as they jump into the truck. These only leave about an inch gap between the running board & rocker panel.
  • William S. William S. Your bumper saved my mom's life.
    She took my Jeep with your bumper on it to get breakfast for the family. She drives a older model Chevy Malibu. Saturday morning she got cut off and hit the curb, knee wall, spun around, and backed in between the knee wall and a cement light pole. Your bumper took all the impact. The air bag didn't deploy. If she was in her car, I'd probably be at the hospital visiting her at best. I have pictures to prove it.