The RB Running Board Series

Go Rhino’s legendary Raptor-inspired RB Series Running Boards will make your truck stand out from the crowd. With an aggressive, stylish appearance, these cab-length, bolt-on side steps provide maximum traction and an open, flow-through design that prevents mud, ice, and snow from accumulating. The corrosion-resistant 16-gauge steel step mounts tightly to factory mounting points along the lower rocker panel, providing plenty of clearance for off-roading, and it’s strong enough to support 300 lbs. per stepping surface for 600 lbs. per board.

The RB10 Running Board features a classic louvered design and is 6” wide across its full length (4” wide for the Slim Line). The RB20 Running Board has a more modern, bullet-stamped design. The tapered shape of the RB20 is 7.5” wide at its widest point (5.5” wide for the Slim Line). The RB30 Running Board is 7” wide for most of its length (5” wide for the Slim Line). All RB Series Running Boards are available in Textured Black Powder Coat or Protective Bedliner finish.