Go Rhino - 4-CORE Products

4-CORE Products

Go Rhino brings you the finest quality products for your Truck, Jeep or SUV, many of which are part of the innovative 4-CORE family, an exclusive crossrail system that provides nearly limitless mounting options for your outdoor acccessories. 4-CORE is an extruded track system of slotted rails that accept 1/4-20 hex bolts.

4-CORE accessories can be mounted to the top, sides, inside or outside of the XRS Xtreme Rack or XRS Cross Bar Kits, and on top of the SRM Series and CEROS Series of roof racks. A wide variety of 4-CORE accessories are available for mounting tents, awnings, folding tables, shovels, axes, fire extinguishers, or anything else you need for your off road adventure.