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Bed Accessories

Go Rhino offers a wide variety of bed accessories to fit your needs. We are one of the few manufacturers that offer Bed Bars in addition to our Sport Bars and Bed Rails.

Sport Bar 2.0

The new generation of Sport Bar is here! Choosing between a sport bar and bed cover is a thing of the past, while the power-actuated version is a look into the future!

Sport Bar 3.0

The latest Sport Bar keeps the classic sport bar look of the Lightning Series and adds the compatibility of the Sport Bar 2.0.

Sport Bar 4.0

A fresh and agile design that complements the look of any truck.

Go Rhino Bed Bars

The classic "roll bar" look is back! Go Rhino's Bed Bars will give all trucks, old and new, the cool retro look that you're after.

Lightning Series Sport Bar

If you require a modern look on your truck bed, the Lightning Sport Bar is a great place to mount driving lights for all your off-road adventures.

LED Bed Rails

Go Rhino LED Bed Rails are a new spin on a classic product. The same great bed rail is now equipped with LED lights to help illuminate the bed in the dark.

Stake Pocket Bed Rails

When it comes to truck accessories, there aren’t too many that deliver both function and style. With the Go Rhino Stake Pocket Bed Rails bolted to your truck bed, you will spend more time hauling than installing.