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Reach us by:

Toll Free: (888) 427-4466
Phone: (714) 257-7392
Fax: (714) 672-0278


Feel free to email us with your questions and concerns!




General Information

customercare@gorhino.com: For assistance with consumer questions regarding an application install, missing parts or general information.

warranty@gorhino.com: To begin the warranty claim process or to send a product registration card. Please make sure to include a copy of your receipt and a picture of the damage in the email for a warranty claim.

sales@gorhino.com: For information about Business-to-Business Sales / Dealer inquiries, Authorized Indirect Seller or an Authorized Direct Seller.

publicsafety@gorhino.com: For more information on Public Safety products.


Customer Service & Consumer Support

Ben Ramirez

(888) 427-4466 Ext: 5221 bramirez@gorhino.com


Customer Service Director

Raul Penunuri (888) 427-4466 Ext: 5222 raul@gorhino.com  


E-Commerce Sales

Paul Barnaby (888) 427-4466 Ext: 5218 paul@gorhino.com  


Sales & Business-to-Business Opportunities

BJ Leanse (972) 998-4734  bleanse@iddeaweb.com
Dave Williams (888) 427-4466 Ext: 6003 dave.williams@iddeaweb.com


Warranty & Replacement or Missing Parts

Myriam Sanchez (888) 427-4466 Ext: 5223 warranty@gorhino.com